Our story

In 1972, the first company of the Weidert Group, Réalisations immobilières Weidert sàrl was founded by the two brothers Jean and Marc Weidert. The company started off as a developer and general contractor offering premium quality apartments in Luxembourg city and the near surroundings.

Due to outstanding locations and consistent quality the success came fast and the company was ready for expansion. From the early 80’s on, the construction of office buildings was added to the company’s activity. Simultaneously, the two brothers founded a Family Real Estate fund, which aims to keep high-end real estate within the family portfolio and provide consulting services to investors.

One of the core commitments of the founders is sustainable development, which has greatly shaped the company’s strategy. As early as 1973, the family fund invested heavily in farm, pasture and forestry land. These investments have led the founders to build and run one of the most exquisite golf courses in the country. Even more today, natural resources such as land, water and sun are part of the company’s core identity and influence all developments. The company represents the upmost level of excellence in terms of usage of highly sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies.

The standards of superior quality have enabled the company to develop highly recognized projects in Luxembourg city. The strong values together with the high standards have made the company one of its leaders in the industry.  Always on the lookout for innovative technologies, their new goal is to create prestige properties which are energetically self-sufficient.

With each new project accomplished and eagerness for new challenges, the next generation continues to raise the bar and innovate constantly.

Our values

Our Strategy is based on long-term value creation and shaped by our core values to positively impact our surroundings.

Our Mission is to deliver harmonious and sustainable living spaces of superior value to our customers and communities.


We adhere to high standards of doing Business. Honesty, fairness and accountability are integral parts of every action and decision we take.


We develop new and creative ideas to improve performances and implement better solutions, which have a positive and lasting impact on our environment and our communities.


We are enthusiastic and excited about Real Estate, People and our Environment. We are ambitious and committed in delivering green and high-quality projects and take pride in our contribution to make a difference.

Staying faithful to our core values during two generations has enabled us to create a company we are proud of and which has bought us success in the industry and has enabled us to shape our dynamic neighbourhoods.